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Quality control

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 X-ray TV control unit DP150



       X-ray TV control unit DP150 (General Electric, Germany) is used for X-ray TV control of internal defects in small parts. The unit is perfectly applicable for quality control of small parts.
Parameters of controllable details:
  • Weight - up to 10 kg
  • Diameter – till 300mm*
  • Height – till 300 mm
  • oltage – till 160 kV



 Application fields of X-ray TV systems:

Automobile industry:

  • quality control of airbags
  • quality control of welding
  • Control of spark plugs
  • fault analysis of component parts

Pipe production:

  • Control of annular coupling and longitudinal butt-joint welded connections of spiral and longitudinal welded steel pipes, including made from austenitic steel. Pipe control in accordance with requirements AP1

Electronic components: 

  • control of multilayer boards
  • control of finished components for defect detecting

Production of discs:

  • aluminum discs for automobiles and auto trucks

Foundry production:

  • Suspension components
  • Housings of steering boosters
  • Engine blocks
  • Housings of pumps
  • Cylinder heads
  • Housings of speed gearboxes
Air craft and space industry:
  • Control of composite materials
  • Control of honeycomb sandwiches
  • Control of turbine buckets
Nuclear industry
  • control of welded connections
Chemical industry:
  • control of loading level
Defense industry:
  • control of loading level
  • assembly control
  • examination of detonators
  • control of welded connections
  • Control of high-voltage insulation